Crux Studio : Small Fixed-Blade Field Knives & Sheathes

I designed these small fixed-blade knives and a unique sheath that allows them to be drawn from the side. The knife is intended to be drawn by hooking a finger through the hole in the butt of the handle. This action is made easier by the radiused cutout on the inside of the sheath. The sheath is intended to be affixed to belts, webbing, straps, or anywhere else it might prove useful. The blades on both knives are 2" long (measure in a straight line) and they both measure 4.5" in overall length. One version has a pretty traditional blade with a nice recurve, while the other is more of a hawkbill-type blade. These knives share the exact same handle shape, and are intended to be forged from the same blank. The sheath will also accept either style blade.