Scotts / BRP / Four Stroke Works : Honda XR650R Custom Parts

Honda’s XR650R is the undisputed king of the desert. A legendary dirtbike. But in seven years (2000-2007), Honda never updated it (at least beyond Bold New Graphics). Being a big fan of these bikes, I was inspired to make some improvements of my own.

These custom tripleclamps allow the 650R to accept the forks and front wheel from newer Honda motocross bikes, which is a major upgrade in terms of suspension technology and performance. I designed the tripleclamps to compensate for small differences in geometry between the stock forks and the CRF forks, in order to avoid upsetting the excellent handling characteristics that these bikes are known for. I also incorporated an under-the-bar steering stabilizer mount into the design, which mounts the steering stabilizer directly to the upper tripleclamp, and designed clearance into the upper tripleclamp to allow a forward-mount stabilizer post to be used.

As a purpose-built racebike, the 650R’s subframe wasn’t designed to support anything more than a seat and rider. So I designed this tubular chromoly subframe extension in an effort to turn my 650R into something more suitable for dualsport riding, which is how most of these bikes are being ridden now that Honda is campaigning the CRF's down in Baja.