Giro : Hand-Rest for Catalog Work

Giro has to produce an extensive catalog of new products every year, and photographing gloves presents some unique challenges. Over the years they experimented with a lot of different fixtures, mannequin hands etc., but in the end, came to the conclusion that there's just no substitute for a human hand. But working with live models, it's very difficult to duplicate shots. So in an effort to help with that (consistency), I designed and created this articulating hand/arm-rest. It's really just a proof-of-concept, so used materials that I was able to source locally and inexpensively. Cut apart some C-clamps to make the ACME-threaded adjusting screws, hand-formed the contoured hand-rest out of steel plate, used a pair of Easton's carbon fiber aero barpads for arm-rests, and a photographer's tripod to create a collapsible base for the whole assembly. The hand-rest can be flipped up/down to shoot the palm and backside of gloves, and we used modeling clay to help position the model's hand and fingers. Was a big success, and am already working on a new and improved version for next year's catalog.