Easton : EXP Inner Handguard Mounts

When Easton introduced their new 1 3/8" EXP handlebars, they were making a conscious decision to deviate from the industry standards (7/8" and 1 1/8"), knowing they would have to develop a full range of complementary accessories in order to ensure compatibility with existing products and accessories.

So Easton asked me to help them make sure their handlebars would be compatible with all of the popular aftermarket wrap-around handguards. I was responsible for product research, reverse-engineering (to ensure proper fit), and designing these two forged-aluminum handguard mounts: a tripleclamp-mounted handguard version, and a handlebar-mounted version.

The tripleclamp-mounted inner handguard mounts are stronger and lighter than competitive products. Integrated tie-down points also eliminate the need to hook tie-down straps around handlebars for transport.

The handlebar-mounted inner handguard mounts are are mounted on the flat part of the handlebars, right outside the handlebar perches (instead of on the tapered section of the bars like most clamps) - this makes them much less susceptible to twisting/slipping. The rubber-mounts allow the bars to flex as intended and eliminate potential stress-risers.