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Trails Less Traveled works with leading manufacturers and vendors in the off-road industry to develop and promote high-performance automotive products. The company specializes in product development, coordinating long-term promotional project vehicles, and writing technical editorial content that is published by a large number of print and online media outlets.

Crux Studio worked with Trails Less Traveled to develop a website with several goals in mind. First, the site needed to showcase the array of project vehicles that the company builds, including detailed specs on everything from a vehicle's drivetrain to total gear reduction. Second, the site needed to provide a way for the client to publish the articles they develop both for their own website as well as other publications. Finally, the website needed to effectively provide sponsorship exposure for the large number of companies who invest product in the projects.

With a clear understanding of the site requirements, Crux Studio decided on developing a database-driven website. A custom Content Management System (CMS) was built using PHP and MySQL that allows the client to easily manage their content. Using an administrative section, the client can create and manage all articles, vehicles, sponsors, and news stories on the site with no knowledge of html or other markup languages.

The website's design aims to allow users site to view content according to their browsing preference. Content is organized by articles, vehicles, sponsors, and news. Further, the database provides a complex cross-referencing system that automatically links related content in the database. For example, if an individual is reading an article on the website, the reader can directly link to the vehicle for which the article was written, reference the sponsors who contributed to the project, and so forth.

The entire site design was programmed using standards compliant XHTML and CSS. This provides smaller download times, better search engine results, and content that is accessible regardless of platform or browser.